Probate & Trust Real Estate Specialists

Managing the details of a conservatorship, trust or probate estate is complicated enough. Why add the sale of real property to your list of responsibilities? Here is what you can expect from The Sanborn Team:

  • Knowledgeable handling of the offer process and subsequent paperwork
  • Non-technical counseling of agents and prospective buyers
  • Decades of experience with probate, trust and conservatorship

No excuses. Just great service.


We are committed to seamless service and are always available to manage your probate, trust or conservatorship sale transaction. Contact us. We'll do the rest.

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Team Representation for Real Property Sales

The Sanborn Team

The Sanborn Team is small, friendly, efficient, experienced and, of course, licensed to provide comprehensive real estate representation.

Our goal is to minimize client stress by getting the job done right, without fuss or fanfare. Our answers are straightforward; our approach is direct.

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